JOSHUA in hand

I like people, but I also try to keep them at bay.

These little portrait figures grow out of my years of practicing mail art, of connecting with others and establishing relationships while maintaining distance.

I’d like to create a vast crowd of painted figures, like Antony Gormley's Field, but made of individuals.

All figures are made of painted polymer clay and mounted on two-inch square wood bases. Miscellaneous materials include wire, paper, cardboard, and thread. Influences on their forms and surfaces include early 20th century toy soldiers, the Santons of Provence, and Catalan Caganer figures.

Matt Ferranto is an Associate Professor of Art at Westchester Community College in New York, where he also serves as co-chair of the Arts and Communications Department. He earned an MFA in sculpture and an MA in art history from SUNY - Purchase in 2000 and a BS from Willamette University in 1989. He is Associate Managing Editor of Design and Culture, the journal of the Design Studies Forum.